7.8.2004 Obedience Nokia

Taimi got another first prize with 183,5/200 points

1.8.2004 Odessa BOB in Hankasalmi

Odessa was BOB in Hankasalmi show, judge Päivi Eerola. Thanks for handling help, Anna-Maija!

28.7.2004 Lady Marmalade Moravia Campanella

Take a look at the young "Armi", Taimi`s cousin Lady Marmalade Moravia Campanella (Ramsay de la Chaume du Bois Dieu x Charming Charisma Moravia Campanella). Armi and Taimi met again, when Maiju visited with the whole family, and as you see: she is quite a beauty!

25.7.2004 Training camp in Savonlinna

Savonlinna Working Dog Club organized a training camp for this weekend. We learned a lot of new things and new skills of searching trial. Training was led by Sari Kärnä and demonstrated by her bordercollies Robban and Zorro. Thanks Sari and Kirsi, Erja, Niina, Riitta and Risto! It was such fun too!!


17.6.2004 Obedience competition

It was a time to start the obedience career: Taimi got first prize with 179 points (of 200) and won the whole class.  

4.6.2004 EuW-04 Spain

We got great news from Spain. Both European winner titles went to "de la Chaume du Bois Dieu" -kennel`s beautifull briards; black Roxanne and fawn O`ptitLoup, Odessa`s brother, are new European winners! And even young Talismanik got cac in open class. We congratulate Corinne, Jacques and Daniele in France, Pascale in Belgium and the whole team!

20.5.2004 BH TEST

Taimi passed her BH-test successfully today and now she is titled BH FinJW-03 Tabula Rasa de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.

19.5.2004 Odessa

Let us present you our Odessa, the Carelian Beauty.


5.3.2004 Show Dog Trophy

I was proud to receive a Show Dog Trophy of our local Savonlinna's working dog club due to Taimi's great show success last year.

25.2.2004 Taimi's friend Xandokan du Paturage Chevalier

Taimi's boyfriend (one of them...) Xandokan du Paturage Chevalier "Patu" with his family visited us some weeks ago. It was outdoor exercising from morning to night: we did some obediance and searching training, had a trip on ice when it was all dark and even played icehockey. It was so relaxing spending time with old friends, thanks again Marjatta, Esa, Jerry and Patu! Pics: 1, 2.

25.1.2004 Winter activities

Now it is time to enjoy the snow and make some winter activities! We participated in a briard training camp and met a lot of new and old friends there. I learned many new things, and now I even have a goal for our "training program". Taimi is very energic when training and she learns very quickly. Thanks all the gang in Ilmajoki and especially Heidi for he photos! Winterpics: 1, 2, 3, 4.

5.1.2004 Chaccado Briards 10 years!

First Chaccado litter was born today 5.1 ten years ago at 1994. For me it was a dream come true, first litter of 11 strong fawn puppies with full of hope and so many new friends waiting for their puppy. Parents of this litter were very special for me; father was our great champion Elton de la Chaume du Bois Dieu and mother was the most caring and loving Ronja, Grace du Chateau Laroche. They have already crossed the rainbow bridge, and so are some of the pups. For those first "chaccados" who still are going strong at the age of ten years, I wish good health and I hope to meet you!! Thank you for the sweet and unforgettable memories: Jade, Kiia, Sanni, Jutta, Jubie, Jassu, Hanna, Muru, Pummi, Boogie and Renny! Some memory pics: 1, 2, 3, 4.

20.12.2003 HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

We wish all the briardworld a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2004 with a lot of success of home, work, family, dogs and love!

14.12.2003 Thanks Corinne and O'Ptit Loup!

Thank you so much for visiting us, it was such a great time. Taimi is missing O'Ptit Loup and the running around house...she is sending a special kiss to her corgeous friend! O'Ptit Loup

6.12.203 Taimi is now Finnish Junior Winner -03!

We have friends from France visiting us. Corinne came over with the super handsome champion male O'Ptit Loup. In finnish winner show he got resCACIB and resCAC, and Taimi won junior bitches, so she is now FINJW-03!! Best vishes to Daniele too, your boy is so sweet.

21.11.2003 Publication of Chaccado website!

13.11.03 Vos Chiens magazine special number

I got latest Vos Chien Magazine from France and wow...it is two big beautiful pictures of Taimi inside the briard article!

12.11.03 CSNB result

Taimi got the result from Antagene. The genetic analysis of the Briard night blindness is clear/sain.

19.10.2003 Oulu international show.

Taimi was BOB and got her first CACIB at the age of 16 months. Our black 9-year-old Jaza (Chaccado J' Zarine) was also so cool; she got res-cac and was vet-BOS.Thanks Tanja and Jaza, what a weekend...

13-14.9.2003 Nationale d'Elevage, Epernon, France.

Taimi got exc1 and she was the best young dog of the day! I also had a lot of fun to show the beautiful briards of kennel "de la Chaume du Bois Dieu". Congratulations again to Tudo, Texel, Twister, Ramsay and best wishes to their owners and of course to our travelling friends Maiju and Armi (Lady Marmalade Moravia Campanella) , who made a great job both hearding (cant) and show. Hope to meet you soon again!

27.6.03 A big x-ray day...

Taimi is hd-free! Official results of hips HD B/B and elbows OD 0/0.

Summer 2003 Taimi got some nice show results:

- Lappeenranta 21.4. Päivi Eerola: jun exc1, cac, BOS
- Kitee 4.5. Harry Tast: jun exc1, cac, BOB
- Helsinki 10.5. Club special show, Seamund Oates: jun exc2, res-cac
- Dortmund 1.6. WW-show, Jacky Dillies: jun exc3
- Savonlinna 8.6. Juhan Juslin: jun exc1, cac, BOB
- Mikkeli int. 26.7.Elina Haapaniemi: jun exc1, cac, BOS


A little female puppy made a long trip by air from France to Finland on my lap. Welcome home Taimi, Tabula Rasa de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.

7.9.2002 National d`Elevage Chateauneuf-Sur-Loire.

A splendid weekend and a new start of my breeding, a real "tabula rasa". My deepest and warmest thanks, Corinne and Jacques!